Investigation at "Crucial Point"

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One of the young men detained in the disappearance of an Alabama honors student admitted "something bad happened" to the woman after they took her to the beach, a police officer said, while prosecutors said Saturday the investigation was at a crucial point.

But prosecutors refused to comment on the statement by Deputy Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig, who told The Associated Press that the man who made that admission was leading police to the scene. He refused to identify which of the three young men who took Natalee Holloway, 18, to a northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.

Police refused Saturday morning to say whether they discovered anything overnight to solve the mystery of what happened to Holloway, who was last seen in the early hours of May 30.

Referring to Dompig's statement, prosecution spokeswoman Vivian van der Biezen said Saturday: "We neither confirm nor deny any information coming from other sources about alleged statements of suspects in this case."

"The investigation at the moment is the following: Five suspects are being held and we are at a very crucial, very important moment in our investigation," she said.

Police investigating Holloway's disappearance arrested a man at dawn Saturday but later said he had nothing to do with the case.

Officials said island-wide searches by Aruban police, Dutch marines and hundreds of volunteer islanders and tourists continued Saturday.