Guardsmen Get Big Welcome

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Twelve members of the 238th Air Support Operations Squadron were met with hugs and smiles as they returned home from a 138 day deployment in Iraq.

While in Iraq, the airmen provided air support for Mississippi's 155th Separate Armored Brigade.

The return was a wonderful gift for birthday girl, Sarah Arnsdorff, the daughter of squadron commander, Lt. Col. Terry Arnsdorff.

"I love my daddy," she said.

In addition, to being an integral part of the air guard, Arnsdorff will soon return to being chief of the Clarkdale Volunteer Fire Department.

"I have always been into helping people," Arnsdorff said. "I'm really proud of the job we are doing over there. It was actually wonderful to see some of the things grow and develop while we were over there."

The 238th Air Support Operations Squadron deployed in January.