County Effort May Cost City

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On Nov. 21, the Lauderdale County helped a city of Meridian cleanup effort by contributing the use of a work crew and truck.

On Monday, county supervisor Ray Boswell asked the county engineer who would pay that cost.

"But the money for doing that has got to come from somewhere," said
Boswell, who represents District 5. "I know the road department did that. We levy taxes for road purposes. We don't levy any tax, I don't believe, for picking up trash."

County engineer Neal Carson told the board that both the county and city have state grants that could be used. He said he expected the city to repay the county out of its grant.

Board President Craig Hitt also welcomed new District 4 supervisor, Joe Norwood, as he attended his first official meeting.

"(We) are excited to having a new supervisor on the seat this morning and looking forward to working with supervisor Joe Norwood in the days and weeks and months to come," said Hitt.

Norwood was elected last month to serve the un-expired term of the late Coach Q.V. Sykes. His widow, Laura Sykes, served in the position on an interim basis until a special election could be held.