Officers and the Road

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East Mississippi law enforcement agencies got a little help from roadway express trucking company Tuesday in staying safe when dealing with trucks. Most local law officers have little or no training with 18-wheelers, so the Commericial Vehicle Safe Training Program was well-received.

Roadway's Road Team Coordinator, David Wright, said the training is a public service designed to give officers a basic familiarization with trucks and how to spot trouble easier.

"Through experience of talking to police officers, we found that they want the training, too," said Wright. "So what we're doing since 9/11, there's been lots of talk about trucks being used as terrorist vehicles. And so this gives us the opportunity to inform local police officers of basic familiarization of commercial vehicles."

With all of the potential problems that truck drivers and police can run into, Meridian Assistant Police Chief Keith McCary says the training is very beneficial.

"The trucking industry that comes through here, most is up to a legitimate standard as far as safety goes," said McCary. "Occasionally
we come upon one in an accident or in a traffic stop and somethings we see we need to know a little bit more about, a little more in depth on the investigation of that site. This class is giving insight to that, giving officers a little more knowledge on what to look for."

The CV Safe Training Program began in Ohio and has spread all over the nation. More training sessions will be scheduled across the state in the future.