City Hears Complaints

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Over 70 years ago, the city of Meridian installed viaducts in certain parts of the city to channel underground running water. One of those viaducts is under the backyard of Mayor John Robert Smith at 9th Street and 26th Avenue.

Chief Administrative Officer Ken Storms said it should be the city's responsibility.

"If the city put the massive drainage structure in underground, I would think it would be our responsibility to repair those as they deteriorate," Storms said.

The council voted to table the request, in effect killing it.

Mr. and Mrs. Armster Young own a piece of rental property, where the apparently tenant defaulted on the water bill. The Youngs have asked the city to waive the debt.

Becky Parker, supervisor of the water department, said it doesn't work that way.

"In September of last year, the council saw fit to amend the ordinance making the property owner responsible for any usage after the city turns the meter off," said Parker.

She said the city put locks on the meter twice and twice the locks were cut off, apparently by the tenant.

"At the point that the locks were cut off a second time, the tenant left and this left the property owner with the bag, more or less, to take care of the usage," Parker said.

Jeffrey Andrews, son of the owners, said the city should have notified the family that the bill was in default.

"If you're going to make them responsible for it you at least need to let them know what they're responsible for," said Andrews.

The council didn't agree and offered to waive part of the bill, if the owners would pay part.

The city council also agreed to buy $78,000 worth of asphalt for paving work on Pippins Road, Mitchum Road, Scruggs Road, Tanner Circle and Tanner Road, if the county would add $10,000 and do the work. The deal was set.