Russian Crew Rescued

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The commander of a Russian submarine that had been stuck below the Pacific says he's "fine." The commander and six others were rescued Sunday when an unmanned British vessel was able to cut the submarine away from undersea cables that had snarled it.

The commander was pale and appeared overwhelmed when he got off the ship that brought the men to shore. He and five others were later taken to a hospital, while one other remained aboard a hospital ship.

The commander's wife says her "feelings danced" upon hearing they were safe.

The men had been stuck undersea for nearly three days and there were concerns that they were running out of oxygen.

Mississippians played a part in the rescue. The Mississippi Air National Guard received orders to assist and within minutes, two planes were
in the air.

Mississippi's adjutant general, Maj. Gen. Harold Cross described the state's role in the rescue.

" We were asked to launch a C-17 from Jackson to assist in the Russian mini-sub rescue effort. The rescue effort was coordinated out of Russia. We launched the aircraft to go to the New Orleans area to pick up divers and equipment. Two air refuelings and they made it there to the Russian peninsula in time to assist. We were there on the request of the Russian government to assist," Cross said.

Cross said this rescue shows the commitment of the 176th and the 183rd flying squadrons.