School Honors Veterans

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Veteran's Day falls in November, but Oakland Heights Elementary School chose Wednesday morning to honor those from the community who have served in the military.

The program was called "The Value of Freedom." It focused on the gifts that veterans have given.

"In November, of course, that's when veterans are typically honored. But we chose December because the gift of freedom, what better time to celebrate, than December," said Dr. Kim Benton, principal of Oakland Heights.

Men from several branches of the military came to the school's first-ever celebration of veterans. They all said they are thankful for what the students were doing.

Donald Neece is a Vietnam veteran. He said he believes programs like this help children understand more about the sacrifice that many men and women make.

"I'm thankful for the recognition that all veterans deserve," said Neece.

Students attending the celebration learned that freedom is not free and that it truly is a gift.

"Freedom means doing what you want and not what you have to do," said Oakland Heights student, Joseph Faulkner.

"Freedom means veterans help us live, and without them, we wouldn't be here," said Latisha Davis, also a student at Oakland Heights.