Preparing to Be Prepared

While Mississippi Power Company is preparing for whatever may happen as a result of Hurricane Dennis, it's not alone. Local residents are doing the same.

"The difference from last time is that it was after the hurricane, right after the hurricane. Now we're selling it all before the hurricane even hits," said Shane Haygood of Lowe's Home Improvement.

From batteries to bottled water, flashlights, tarps and lumber, and everything else was up for grabs Friday.

"I have about $700 worth," said Robin Mars, who was shopping for Riley Hospital.

When asked, is it worth it, Mars said, "Oh yes, it's worth it, because the patients come first. Even if it doesn't get bad, it doesn't matter, as long as they are attended to."

With buying in bulk currently the norm, we even caught up with officials from the Regional Response Team who were stocking up, not only for the local office but also to help send supplies to Hattiesburg.

"Because we tell everyone to be prepared. To support yourself for 72 hours following a disaster. We have to take our own advice and make sure that we can support our people," said Eddie Ivy.

The demand was so great that Lowe's officials said they sold twelve times the usual amount of water.

Another item was electric generators. Unfortunately, store officials said most were sold out and not likely to be restocked until next week.