Attention All Shoppers (and Drivers)

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The intersection of Virginia Drive and Bonita Lakes Drive in Meridian frequently gets congested on heavy shopping days and especially around Christmas time.

Meridian Public Works Director Monty Jackson said the problem has existed ever since Super Wal-Mart opened.

"The left movements was what was backing traffic up," said Jackson. "There's not a need to turn left there coming from Wal-Mart, because there is a way to get on to the Frontage Road from Wal-Mart without any problem."

Jackson referred to a road that directly links to Wal-Mart from both the North and South Frontage Roads.

This week, a no-left-turn rule was put into effect at that point. There's only one problem. A large segment of the public apparently hasn't noticed the changes. Drivers are continuing to make a left turn from Virginia Drive onto Bonita Lakes Drive, not aware they are in violation.

Another problem has been the road from Wal-Mart that connects to Virginia Drive. In the past, there was a stop sign for the traffic coming from Wal-Mart and Virginia Drive had right of way.

"There was a lot more traffic flow from Wal-Mart, which is 2nd Street South, than it was on Virginia Drive," said Jackson. "You try to give the largest flow of traffic the right of way in any kind of movement."

So now, traffic from Wal-Mart has the right of way and Virginia Drive has the stop signs. But again, apparently the public hasn't gotten the message.

NewsCenter 11 witnessed traffic from Wal-Mart, out of force of habit, continuing to stop at that intersection although the stop sign has been removed. Virginia Drive traffic, also out of habit, either goes right through or makes a rolling stop at best, stop sign or no stop sign.