West Alabama Rocked by Dennis

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Downed trees and power lines were scattered throughout Sumter County from Cuba to Panola. While Monday was a day of cleanup for some, emergency responders say it could have been worse.

"Ivan was a lot worse than this," said Chief Ashley Welborn of Livingston's Department of Public Safety. "I think Ivan helped us out with this. It got all of the dead wood and the damage was a lot less because we had cleared out the trees."

A gas station cover at a downtown Livingston grocery store crashed down and one house was hit by three different trees. Luckily, no one was home.

A downed power line at the York home of Sumter County Emergency Management director, Margaret Bishop, even kept her stranded for a time.

Some people's yards resemble lakes. Emergency responders say the Sucarnochee Creek is expected to crest by mid-week. Those living in low-lying areas should still be aware of possibly rising waters and take the necessary precautions.