City Offers Advice on Cleanup

If a tree or large limbs fell on private property in Meridian during Hurricane Dennis, the city of Meridian can clear the debris. However, that's only if the tree fell on a dwelling or across a driveway and blocks access.

To report such an incident within the city limits of Meridian, contact Public Works at 601-485-1990 or Homeland Security at 601-484-6899.

If a tree or limbs fell in your yard and are not life-threatening or cutting off access, you have two choices: clean up the debris yourself and put it at curbside for pickup by Waste Management or hire a contractor to clear the debris.

If you choose to clear the debris yourself, you must follow Waste Management specifications. Those specifications are that limbs must be no longer than five feet in length and eight inches in diameter and no limb may weigh more than 60 pounds.

For example, if a limb is more than eight inches in diameter, cut it in pieces smaller than five feet in length so the weight of each limb is still less than 60 pounds.

If you hire a contractor to clean up the debris, it is very important to know that Waste Management will not pick up curbside debris cut up and deposited by a private contractor.

Part of what you are paying a contractor to do is to haul off the debris when he is finished. Make sure you tell the contractor that you expect him to haul off the debris
as part of the contract price.