Federal Help Unlikely After Dennis

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Bobbie Moore has spent the last two days with a tree on her deck. It fell there during the heat of the storm brought on by Hurricane Dennis Sunday night.

"We heard a little bump and then all of a sudden it hit again," said Moore. "And they seen what it was. It was a big old tree."

Moore is waiting for the county to come remove the tree for her, but that may be the extent of the help she gets.

Neither Lauderdale County nor the state of Mississippi as a whole will qualify for federal disaster aid. Neither met the damage threshold required to get the money.

Counties must have at least 100 homes with major damage to qualify. Lauderdale County only had about 20 with any damage.

"If it's your home that's damaged, it's a bad thing," said Eddie Ivy of Meridian Homeland Security. "Overall picture, the fact that we don't have that damage is a blessing."

Even without federal money coming her way to fix it, Moore considers her damage a blessing, too. She said she knows things could have been much worse.

"At least I'm alive; that's the main thing. It didn't hurt me, didn't hurt anyone, so I'm blessed," said Moore.

That's a sentiment felt by a lot of people here in the wake of Dennis.