Boat Races Delayed

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Hurricane Dennis has forced the River City Rumble Boat Race to be rescheduled for July 30 and 31.

"When Hurricane Dennis came through, it dropped so much rain and it continues dropping rain north of us," said events planner Kelley Smith. "It will be several days before that water gets down into the Tombigbee River and we will be dealing with those effects over the weekend."

The race committee was set to meet Tuesday around 11:00 a.m. to decide whether or not the race was going to be held. Before it had the chance, the Outboard Drag Boat Association postponed the race due to safety concerns.

"Their concern is the high water level that is projected for the weekend, debris in the water, the current. It's things like that, that affect the safety of the racers," Smith said.

"It's just too dangerous for the participants of the race at those speeds," added park manager David Stephens. "It would endanger them and the public as well, so it is best to postpone the race until the river recedes and gets back to normal conditions."

All advance tickets sold for this coming weekend will be honored on July 30 and 31.