Travel Budgets in a Bind

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A long trip is an expensive trip. Even more so now than usual, thanks to rising prices at the pump.

Just ask Synovia Daniels. She and her family are traveling from McComb to Georgia and South Carolina.

"Gas prices are ridiculous. It is absolutely ridiculous. It should not be this high," Daniels said.

But it is high, hovering right around the $2.50 mark in most places in Meridian. Those who want to travel just have to ante up.

That has people in the travel industry a little concerned. They say those who travel may be reconsidering their plans now, whether it be on the road, through the air, or through the water.

As gas prices rise, a growing number of cruise lines are charging fuel surcharges, and airline fares are going up as well.

"A month ago, they had really good deals on air fares, but now they've gone back up on them, because of the fuel costs," said Penny Stephens of Aladdin Travel Agency in Meridian.

Stephens says it's likely that those on fixed budgets will have to cancel or rearrange their trips to compensate for gas prices, but many say they'll do what they have to do.

"Not if I have to see mama. I'm going to buy it if it costs $10 a gallon," said Roy Barnes of Atlanta.

"When you have family and you need to see them, how else are you going to travel without paying for gas? It really puts a hurting on your pocket, it really does," said Synovia Daniels.

And it appears to be pain that will last.