Hudson's Finds New Home

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Hudson's president Rick Shadix told NewsCenter 11 Friday that they have a verbal commitment for a long term lease of the former Service Merchandise store on North Frontage Road and they will remain in Meridian. Store manager Ken Mayfield says they are looking forward to the relocation.

"We will increase the size of the Dirt Cheap in the new building twice the size that it is now," said Mayfield, "and the Treasure Hunt space will be about the size that it is now so we're very excited we have a verbal agreement with the landlord and we're looking forward to hopefully having a grand reopening on Jan. 15."

Dec. 31 will be Hudson's last day in its present location. Mayfield gave credit to their customers influencing the decision.

"Unbelievable response. Unbelievable. I've got I couldn't tell you the phone calls, the cards, the response of people coming in the store with property wanting us to build buildings, buy buildings, lease buildings, telling us they're supporting us, people praying, having churches praying, the response from the community has been overwhelming," said Mayfield. "I credit them to a large degree with them reacting the way they did with us still being in the community."

Mayfield said the employees were equally happy.

"We informed them (Friday) morning that we had a verbal agreement and almost tears on some of them, tears of relief and joy and they love working here and we have a great group of associates," Mayfield said. "They're very excited that they're still going to have a Hudson's home here in Meridian."

Mayfield said the layout at the new location will make it easier for customers to find the merchandise they want.