A Bad Situation Made Worse

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On Monday, Newscenter 11 introduced you to Laverne Taylor, a Meridian man whose house was badly damaged when a tree fell on it during the height of Sunday's storm.

Now this victim of Hurricane Dennis has become a victim of burglars. Someone broke into his home Tuesday night while he and his family were staying with a friend.

The thieves stole his television, took the food off the shelves and out of the refrigerator, and ransacked the rest of the house.

Unfortunately, police say this is an all too common occurrence. They say criminals are looking for an easy target and find it all too often in storm victims.

Harper says if the thieves are caught and convicted, the MPD will ask a judge to take into account how they took advantage of people in an especially bad situation.

Taylor, though, says he knows, even after everything that has happened, things could have been worse. He said he has insurance that will replace his family's possessions.