Computer Virus Travels the Web

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A computer worm known as the Zotog wiggled its way into the computers of many major media, outlets and large corporations Tuesday.

According to Paul Tarver of Tarver Program Consultants, this worm also managed to infect at least two corporations located here in Meridian.

Tarver says the worm doesn't damage software like other viruses, but it does prevent productivity.

"In this case, I think the biggest issue is loss of time on the computer and what have you," said Paul Tarver of Quality PC in Meridian. "That's the cost of this virus. The windows 2000 users are going to have a problem with the computer wanting to reboot every so often. That's taking time away from doing their job."

According to Tarver, the best way to prevent a worm like this one or any virus is to install ant-virus software and to follow Microsoft updates.