Soft Drinks Coming Out of Most Schools

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No more sodas for elementary and middle school students. The American Beverage Association says it will take them out of schools.

The ABA said it will no longer be placing carbonated beverages in machines in elementary and middle schools, and reduce the number in high schools.

The plan is a response to problems with kids and obesity in America.

ABA officials say they plan to run print and broadcast ads to discourage kids from indulging in too many soft drinks.

"Solving the obesity problem in this country is about everybody doing their part, governments, parents, teachers, community leaders, and the beverage industry, and with this new policy, we think we're doing our part," said Susan Keely of the American Beverage Association.

"It's getting to be a big problem with children," said Mary Kay Daniels, a school nurse at West Lauderdale. "If they start out eating unhealthy young, they're going to carry on that lifestyle."

The ABA is asking schools and vendors to implement the new policy as soon as possible. ABA vendors represent about 85 percent of beverages sold in schools.