Debris Dilemma

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"We always encourage people to take care of their private property."

Mary Ruth Sharp works with the building inspection division for the city of Meridian. She says although the city encourages people to take care of their property, in many cases it doesn't happen.

"We do have approximately 130 sites that are on our active list."

Active list, meaning that at least 130 pieces of property have been sited as violating the city's comprehensive Clean Community Ordinance, an ordinance which notes things such as plant overgrowth and extensive debris as violations.

Although many might think that extensive debris or litter is a minute issue, officials with one group say it's much more.

"It's very important that the people understand that businesses, industries do not want to locate in a place that's littered. It's very important that we keep our communities, our cities, our towns, our neighborhoods clean because of industry that the city could attract," says Beverly Knox with Meridian and Lauderdale County's Keep America Beautiful.

With giant automaker Kia, looking to possibly locate in the area, Knox says addressing this problem now is not an option but a must!

"It says to them that they want to make sure that their community is clean," says Knox. "They want to make sure that their community is safe. There are all types of issues that are tied to littering."

"We always encourage people to take care of their property because it affects not only their property but the neighbors. It affects everyone.”