Kalpoe Brothers Back in Custody

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Eighteen-year-old Satish Kalpoe and his 21-year-old brother, Deepak, were arrested along with a third person, according to an Aruban government spokesman.

Ruben Trapenberg said he did not know if the arrests were connected to the Holloway case and no other details were immediately available.

A lawyer for Satish Kalpoe said he was not aware of the arrest.

"We felt early on as early as May 31st, that these boys should have been arrested then and there. We spoke to our attorney and the FBI this morning and we are really encouraged by this news," said Beth Holloway Twitty.

The brothers had been arrested June 9, along with 18-year-old Joran van der Sloot, who authorities have identified as a suspect in the case. He has not been formally charged.

A judge is scheduled to hold a hearing in September to determine if there's enough evidence to continue holding van der Sloot.

Holloway was last seen leaving a bar with the Kalpoe brothers and van der Sloot in the early hours of May 30. She is the daughter of Dave Holloway of Meridian, Miss., and Beth Holloway Twitty of Mountain Brook, Ala. Extensive searches of the island have produced no sign of the teen.