Thoughts Remain With Holloway Family

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For more than six weeks, Dave Holloway and his family have been searching for Natalee, hoping somewhere, somehow, they will find that one bit of evidence they've missed so far.

Meanwhile, here at home local support for the Holloway family has not waned. In a statement to Newscenter 11, family friend Andrew Hart said: "The family is ready for an end to the search,” and thanked the community for the support they've given to the family.

At Dave Holloway's insurance office in Meridian, prayers and well wishes have not stopped since Natalee was first reported missing.

"Everyone has offered their support and prayers. Every phone call, every person that comes in the office just wants to tell us to tell Dave that they're thinking of him and that their prayers are with him," said Kay Cessna.

Bracelets have been sold to help fund the search efforts and 'Pray for Natalee' signs are visible in yards and on streets everywhere.

The support is not only from private citizens. On Friday, from 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., Bo Haarala Autoplex will host a benefit fundraiser with donations from roughly 40 local businesses. All proceeds go to aid the Holloway family.

"To know that you have bills coming in and your community gets out behind you, supports you, I think that lifts some of the burden, although I'm sure they'd rather be in debt for the rest of their lives and just have Natalee back. It's just a way to make the whole thing easier for them," said J.J. Haarala, benefit organizer.

Organizers are asking the entire community to come out and be a part of the benefit. They say it's not so much about the money, but showing moral support for the Holloway family.