Upcoming Election Candidates

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Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says a number of candidates responded early.

"We've had incumbents qualify for justice court judge, an incumbent for constable, for tax collector and the new names on the ballot would be one new name for justice court judge, supervisor, county attorney and Lauderdale County medical examiner, which we commonly call coroner," said Johnson.

Several present officials are leaving office and will not run for reelection.

"Mr. Cobbler is retiring, so that will be open and also Robert Compton is retiring as county attorney," Johnson said.

One of the early qualifiers was Sheriff Billy Sollie. Sollie became a Meridian police officer at age 19 in 1974, was named chief in 1993, retired after 20 years service and was elected sheriff in 1995. Sollie said he never doubted whether he wanted to run for a third term and says he plans to campaign vigorously.

"No doubt in mind. People ask me when did you start campaigning and I say the day after the last election," said Sollie. "I've told all of my people, all of the employees, that if somebody qualifies against us then at that point in time we're behind. That's the type of campaign we're going to run."

By the end of Wednesday 10 potential office holders had filed the necessary papers for the primary election, nine were Republicans and one was a Democrat.

Primary elections will be held Aug. 5. The general election will be Nov. 4.