The Art of Learning

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Garrett Slay loves animals and you don't have to ask him to learn that.
Just check out his artwork.

There's a shark, a bird, a giraffe, and even a dinosaur, making his way up a volcano no less.

"I just like, I like to go hunting with my Dad a lot. We have a farm. And I"m must around them a lot and I like to pet them and stuff," Slay said.

He also likes to paint them. He's had plenty of opportunities to do just that this summer, as part of the Meridian Museum of Art's summer youth art classes.

Garrett and other students like him got to show off their work during the museum's Youth Art Exhibit.

It's a chance for the students to put their work in front of the world and a chance for their teachers to look with pride at what they've taught those students.

"My goal is to get children to see what's all around them, to see the shapes and the things that make up God's creation," said Busbee.

Garrett says the lessons he's learned this summer are the kind he won't soon forget.

"I learned you can draw anything you want as long as you don't give up," said Slay.

And that is an attitude his teachers, and his parents, can appreciate.