Support for Lott Lessening

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At least three Republican senators are publicly calling on their colleagues to meet to decide Trent Lott's future as the incoming Majority Leader.

This, in the wake of a race-based controversy over remarks Lott made at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party.

Oklahoma Senator Don Nickles, the outgoing GOP whip, was the first to break ranks. He called today for new leadership elections, saying Lott has been so weakened by the controversy that his ability to enact the Republican agenda is in doubt.

Virginia Senator John Warner, appearing on CNN, is also suggesting a meeting of the rank-and-file.

And Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel says in a statement that he supports bringing GOP senators together as soon as possible.

Lott had no immediate reaction to the comments. He's repeatedly apologized for his comments, which appeared to embrace Thurmond's
pro-segregationist past.