Bush Urged to Visit Mississippi

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) _ Senator Trent Lott is urging President Bush to visit Mississippi in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, telling the president.

The Senator said, "The people of Mississippi are flat on their backs. They're going to need your help."

Lott said Tuesday he discussed with President Bush the massive damage left behind by the powerful storm that pounded Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

In a prepared statement, Lott says he told the president a visit to Mississippi would be very good for the morale of Mississippians devastated by the hurricane.

There's no immediate word from the White House whether the president will accept Lott's invitation.

Bush said earlier Tuesday that the Gulf Coast faces “trying times” and there's “a lot of work to do” to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

The president spoke at a San Diego naval base, as he prepared to cut short his August ranch vacation because of the killer storm