Flood Recedes, but Concern Remains

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Every time a heavy rain comes, Rex Lewis keeps a close eye on the waters in the creek behind his house on Windsor Circle in Lauderdale County.

"It's not a good feeling, because when you've had water in the house a couple of times, you're nervous and doing everything that has to be done to make it safe," said Lewis.

That's what happened Saturday. More than three inches of rain fell in about an hour's time, filling his yard and the yards of several of his neighbors. The flood swept up pretty much everything except Lewis' house.

On Monday, the water was reduced to barely a trickle from a previous level of six feet. Lewis says it's a problem residents there encounter about once or twice a year.

County officials say they've already done pretty much everything they can do to fix the problem, straightening the curves in the creek and cleaning out the debris. But they say there's a chance the creek has become clogged again.

"An important issue is somebody actually blocking the creek with a crossing downstream," said Eddie Harper of District 1. "People need to be aware how much that affects the people upstream."

Harper says the county will check the creek again, to see if it needs another cleaning.

Lewis said he believes something can be done to fix the problem.

"They have been helpful, trying to work on it, but I think there still more to be done," Lewis said.

One look at what happened Saturday is proof enough of that.