Annexation Funding

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The letter sent out to interested parties by the Citizens Against Annexation Advisory Committee stated in part:

"Since October the Board of Supervisors has also been employing our attorney, Jim Carroll, to represent the county in this matter and they are sharing in their part of the legal and consultation expenses. That means we are paying about 50 percent of the total costs at this time."

But Craig Hitt, president of the board, said that does not mean county tax dollars are being used to fight city tax dollars.

"There's no plans that I am aware of for the county to share the costs. The county has employed a consultant or an attorney out of Jackson to look after our interests which is specifically at this point the Sonny Montgomery industrial park and how long that person or that firm will be employed I can't answer that at this point," Hitt said.

The board president said he was not aware the county's annexation attorney is the same as that employed by the citizen's committee.

"I know some of the board members have attended some of the meetings but to my knowledge there is no plan for us to be involved with their group," said Hitt.

Dr. A.B. "Bubba" Martin, a spokesman for the Citizens Against Annexation, confirmed there is no actual agreement between the county and his organization to share costs.

The attorneys said only when they work on issues that affect both do they plan to divide the costs Martin said He estimated the final bill could be as much as $300,000.