Clarke Residents Cry Foul

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For days now, a group of at least 50 or so people from Clarke County say they have come to the county's multi-purpose building to wait for help and monetary assistance and nothing has arrived yet.

The people gathered there Friday say they need the money to recover from the storm. The most common complaint is that they lost all the food in their refrigerator and freezer when the storm hit, and they need money from the Red Cross to help them buy more food.

But Red Cross officials say they don't and can't do that. There is only so much money available for hurricane relief. Representatives say the agency has to use that on people who are in the greatest need, people who lost their homes from the storm. Clarke County was not hit hard in that way.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency may be able to help people in these situations. Red Cross officials say those with similar needs are everywhere in our area, but the Red Cross cannot.

That is not good enough for residents Newscenter 11 talked to on Friday. They say they're frustrated, they're needy, and they're tired of waiting on help they say they deserve.