Red Cross Aid Has Limitations

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As the Red Cross does all it can to help provide assistance to those who really need it. Feelings among those who are seeking help are mixed.

The red Cross says it believes the mix-up stems from the confusion over what kind of help the Red Cross is able to provide and which things should be taken to other agencies.

When you come to the Red Cross for assistance, you receive a form to fill out with personal information, such as your name, your children's names and what kind of damage you've received.

However, if you falsify any of this information and sign and submit the form, it's considered fraud. And the Red Cross will catch you in this felony. In fact, six people have already been arrested in Lauderdale County.

Fraud not only means jail time, it also keeps the Red Cross from helping honest people who really need the help.

The Red Cross is a charity organization offering emergency assistance when your home is uninhabitable. However, if your damage is something that is only uncomfortable for you and you can live with it, you should contact your insurance company or FEMA at 1-800-621-FEMA.