FEMA Assistance

Monday morning officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or in other words, FEMA, met with city and county officials from throughout Clarke County. With many questions looming about damage assistance, FEMA officials say they will be back in the county later this week, not necessarily to take with elected officials, but instead to residents who have questions.

For people who have questions for FEMA, a representative will be in Shubuta Wednesday afternoon from 1 p.m. until at the multi-purpose building, which is located just behind the fire department on Highway 145. We are told that applications will not be accepted on that day. However, any questions that residents have should be able to be answered!

Meanwhile, Clarke County officials say all residents who wish to file a claim must do so by either logging onto FEMA's Web address at www.fema.gov or by calling the FEMA hotline at 1-800-621-FEMA.

"That's the number that they need to call for assistance on generators, chainsaws, anything that they've lost at their house. It doesn't matter if they have insurance or not. If you have insurance you still need to contact them at that number," says Paul Mosley, who is the president of the Clarke County Board of Supervisors.

In the meantime county officials are asking all residents to place all debris from the storm, which they can by the roadside for pickup.

"We entered into a contract with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and our county crews can go on private property," says board Vice-President Arthur Nelson. "They're going to go road by road and move trees that fell down into the right-of-ways. If they give us time we'll get to 'em."

Meanwhile, as with the FEMA filing process, Clarke County officials say cleanup could take several months to complete.