Volunteers Continue to Pour In

For some people like Nicky Moon of Meridian, getting this kind of debris removed is just too big of a job.

"I had been trying because I don't have any insurance, so I've really been trying to check with different people, checking with different volunteers and the Red Cross and stuff. And this is the first group that came out to help," said Moon.

Hurricane Katrina left a lot of damage three weeks ago, but some good people have been and are continuing to help. A group of former Delco Remy employees, now with Delphi Automotive Systems of Decatur, Ala., are back home to help.

"We came back, volunteered to come back to help clean up, because we knew our brothers and sisters were in trouble," said Delphi employee Randy Williams.

And Delphi stepped up by allowing these men and women to have the time off to be here. Another professional crew from the Charlottesville, Va., area is also donating its skills.

"We just wanted to help out some people that needed it. You know, we got together, I had mentioned to some of my clients because I do tree work up there. That's what I do for a living, for over 20 years, and we all got together and said hey we'd like to go down," said Glenn Hackett of Hackett Enterprises. "So they helped us with the cost of getting down here. And we're going to come down and help some people, as many as we can possibly help anyway."

Meridian residents who qualify may get on a list for help by calling 601-485-1826 during regular business hours.

These volunteers don't have large machinery for very heavy debris, but do have chain saws, rakes, and other small equipment that's making a huge difference.