Another GOP Switch

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Another veteran state legislator, Rep. Herb Frierson of Poplarville, has announced he will switch from the Democratic Party to the Republican.

At a news conference in his hometown, Frierson cited growing differences.

"My personal political beliefs and philosophy are too conservative for the state and national Democrat Party," said Frierson. "The Democrat Party is not the proper venue for a conservative or even moderate to affect the political discourses of the day. The Republican Party is the proper venue for me."

Rick Barry, former chairman of the Lauderdale County Republican Party predicted there will be more Democrats turning to the Republican Party.

"The Republican Party has certainly been on the move statewide to encourage people to change over," said Barry. "And from the actions
of our Lt. Governor and our two state senators from this county and others, I think you're going to see others do that, too, in the upcoming weeks."

Not only did Frierson announce his change, three other Democratic legislators announced Monday they will not be candidates.