Minnesotans Help South Mississippi

A former Mississippi and New Orleans resident has returned to the state with friends to help people still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Bonniebel Byars of Minnesota has relatives in Meridian, Miss., and is using this as her base to transport goods where they are needed further south.

Byars grew up in Starkville, Miss., and later lived in New Orleans.

"Your heart is where you grow up, and New Orleans had gotten a lot of publicity," said Bonniebel Byars of Wayzatta, Minn. "And I knew that there were a lot of rural small towns in south Mississippi that were still hurting and hadn't gotten the supplies like some of the more well-known towns."

"To be able to be down here and doing something is for me, it's my gift. It's a gift for me to be able to do this," said Julie Steiner, Byars' friend.

Byars said she told friends at a recent party in Minnesota of the need here and donations came pouring in.

Tuesday marked the second trip for these good samaritans.