Plea Made for Local Government Employees

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Lauderdale County District 3 supervisor Craig Hitt says a trip to the coast and a visit with county and city leaders there was informative.

Hitt said coastal leaders told the Meridian delegation that many city and county workers had lost everything after the storm. They asked for help for those workers.

"Basically what we're being told down there they have literally hundreds of employees of municipalities and counties that have lost everything they own and are having to start over from scratch," said Hitt. "So anything that can be directed along their way would be helpful to them as far as replacing the items we all have to have, the necessities such as pots and pans, towels and sheets. They've got to have everything new."

Hitt says residents here are being asked to buy gift certificates at Meridian area stores and take them to the Lauderdale County courthouse or annex building and deposit them in the secured boxes on tables out front.

The certificates will be given to officials on the coast to hand out to their employees.