Kemper Seeks "Scam Artist"

Within the last month, 35-year-old Edgar Poe Barfield is accused of scamming residents in Kemper and Neshoba Counties out of thousands of dollars.

"I suspect that he's got about $7,000 or $8,000," said Sheriff Sam Tisdale.

Tisdale says Barfield scammed at least three different residents in his county.

"It's always that somebody is dead. The last victim that he got in Kemper County, he told them that his brother and brother's wife and children were drowned in the storm in Gulfport and he was wanting money to get them back up here for the funeral," said Tisdale.

Barfield is accused of successfully pulling off several similar scams in Neshoba County. In one incident in Kemper County, Tisdale says a man selling watermelons felt so sorry for Barfield after hearing one of his hardship stories that he gave him not only all of the money he collected in sales, but also some fruit for the road as well.

Tisdale says in the past, Barfield has been jailed in Noxubee County on similar charges and previously served time in prison. Tisdale says Barfield could face up to life in prison if convicted.

Barfield is described as having a gold tooth and a limp. Anyone knowing his whereabouts should call the Kemper County Sheriff's Department at (601) 743-2255.