Canadian TV Station Sends Relief

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Some new friends in Canada are helping out the relief effort here. A Canadian television station has been collecting goods for people in Meridian and on the Gulf Coast. The goods were delivered to Meridian Wednesday.

A truck and its 52-foot-long trailer has traveled a long way, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada to be exact, and it is full of much needed items for hurricane victims.

The donations were raised during a drive sponsored by a television station and two radio stations in Ontario. Keith Bodding of Canadian-American Trucking got the honor of driving the truck to Mississippi.

A portion of these items are destined for The Wesley House Community Center in Meridian: canned foods, diapers and baby wipes, and non-prescription drugs. They'll be used as the Wesley House tries to help hurricane victims from the coast and from here at home recover.

After the Canadian donations are unloaded in Meridian, the truck will head to the Mississippi Coast, where the rest of the items will be distributed. It's a real tribute to the giving spirit of our new friends from Ontario.