See You at the Pole Observed

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See You at the Pole is a student-initiated and student-led movement that started in a suburb of Ft. Worth, Tex., in 1990. Wednesday morning, students around the country met each other before school to share in fellowship and prayer.

"This is a nationwide day that we take off to try to draw people back into seeing God's will for what he would have to take place in our schools," said Katie Bragg, sponsor of the Fish Club at Meridian High School.

See You at the Pole is meant to bring students together to ask God to bring moral and spiritual awakening to their campuses and to the nation , and to ask God to bless leaders, schools, and families, especially in these trying times when the nation is dealing with a major natural disaster and facing yet another.

"God has challenged us through the Old Testament prophets to pray for the healing of our nation, and truly at this time our nation is in trouble," said the Rev. Jimmy Johnson of St. John Baptist Church.

Meridian High's Christian student organization, the Fish Club, sponsored See You at the Pole. To help hook other students and bring them in, local Christian praise band, Cross-Eyed, jammed at the event.

"Hopefully, they can take the prayer time that we had and the time to come to fellowship and take that away and put it in their everyday lives," said Addison Shock of Cross-Eyed Praise Band. "And make that a habit; make that something they do every day."

Also in Meridian, students at Calvary Christian School gathered around the flagpole to pray.

Students prayed for their school, teachers, and the nation and its leadership.

"God is alive and well in our country and that even in the midst of all the disaster that we've seen in the last few weeks, that God is still in control and that He loves his people and that He desires to have fellowship with us," said Jodi Word of Calvary Christian School

In 2004, over two million teenagers came together for See You at the Pole in all fifty states. Internationally, at least 20 other countries reported See You at the Pole activities.