Lott Not Resigning

Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island called for Senator Trent Lott to step down from his leadership post. He's the first GOP Senator to call outright for Lott's departure. Wednesday, Lott said he's not willing to do that.

"I was elected by the people of Mississippi to a six-year term. I've served two years of that contract," said Lott. "I have a contract and I'm going to fulfill it."

Lott has said all along, he's a fighter and will hang in there until the end.

Meanwhile, a group of Lott supporters spoke out publicly for the first time Tuesday in Jackson. At a news conference at the state capitol, a bi-racial group stood together, saying they hope Sen. Lott will be allowed to stand on his record.

"Sen. Lott has said that they were inappropriate and insensitive (words), but he has asked for forgiveness. He has issued an apology," said Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck. "And I just hope we can all accept that apology and everyone can find it in their hearts to forgive him. And then let's move forward and do what's in the best interests of Mississippi and America."

Supporters say they hope Lott will not resign his Senate seat, even if he is replaced as Majority Leader. Lott said he believes he has enough votes to keep his leadership position.