Spirit of Giving

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The Christmas spirit of giving was on display Wednesday at Peavey Electronics.

The bicycles went to the children of Wesley House.

"Thanks to the graciousness of Hartley and Mary Peavey we were able to coordinate with our suppliers in Asia and brought these bikes in and we hope it makes some children very happy," said Steve Holifield of Peavey Electronics.

Wesley House director Nell Grissom expressed her thanks.

"You all have done this for years and it really makes a difference in the lives of children," Grissom said.

"It's always a pleasure to make a difference and here at Peavey we like to think that over the years we have made a difference to a lot of people who maybe needed a little help," said Hartley Peavey.

"We want to remember that Christmas is for children. Ours, yours and for those who are not as fortunate as ours and yours might be," said Mary Peavey. "So we wish at this time everyone a Merry Christmas."

Each bicycle had a stuffed animal in its basket for the kids. Peavey employees, who donated their time, assembled the bikes.