"Veggie Van" on a Roll

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A van called "The Veggie Van,” operated by Earth Biofuels, actually runs on vegetable oil and is used for collecting used cooking oil from area restaurants. As you might imagine, people are curious.

"Everyone stops and starts asking us questions," said company owner Bob Glenn. "It's not regular vegetable oil. It's processed vegetable oil called biodiesel. It goes through a reaction process, so it's not oil right from behind the restaurant put right into the engine. That doesn't work well. The process takes one of the substances out of it that causes the air pollution."

Glenn has been supplying school buses with this unique fuel. Proponents see biodiesel as a more environmentally-friendly way to power vehicles, and in the future, a possible way to reduce dependence on foreign sources of oil.

Glenn said he's constantly working on ways to speed up the collection and refining process, because he believes demand will only grow.