County Discusses Funding Dilemma

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It sounded good, but supervisor Craig Hitt says further investigation indicates a suggested surcharge of $10 for E-911 would be illegal.

"It is my understanding that these additional dollars that can be up to $10 that can be assigned to traffic violations, has to be used directly within law enforcement," Hitt said. "It could not be used for the 911 services."

Many other ideas to increase 911's income were advanced at a recent meeting of city, county and 911 officials, but in the background was always an interlocal agreement to pick up the slack if necessary.

"Should the funds run short, the city and the county will put up the additional funds needed on a 50-50 basis, not to exceed $225,000 per entity for a total of $450,000 that would be available to 911 to help meet its expenses," said Hitt.

The county has indicated it is willing to put up its share. The city says the agreement is not being interpreted correctly. Additional meetings and negotiations lie ahead.

In other money news from Monday's meeting of the supervisors the subject was income rather than outgo. The board voted to accept the tax roles for the year 2006.

"That's part of the process that we go through during this time of year," said district 2 supervisor Jimmie Smith. "We're getting our budgets together and we have to have the tax rolls intact in order to estimate the monies that will come in from the increase in taxes, our tax assessments."

The tax books will soon be available at the chancery clerk's office. Individuals and businesses have until Oct. 30 to appeal the assessment on property but that appeal must be in writing.