Road to Recovery

Storm Damage
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Newton was in full clean-up mode Friday and will likely be so for some time to come. There is a lot to clean up. Damage assessment teams have reported damage to more than 180 homes, with eight of those destroyed, and damages to 75 businesses, with five of those destroyed.

At Wal-Mart, where hundreds of shoppers were when the storm hit, they spent the day cleaning out and up the store, and trying to prepare to re-open soon. That was the case pretty much everywhere.

Damage estimates are expected to be several million dollars, but city officials say they aren't thinking in those terms.

At the dowtown La-Z-Boy plant, where over 600 workers are employed, they caught a break. The plant was scheduled to begin its annual week and half holiday shutdown on Monday, so Friday was the only day of regularly scheduled work that was missed. La-Z-Boy plans to have the roof fixed by the time the plant re-opens Jan. 3.

Emergency Management officials say it will probably take about a week to clean up all the debris from the storm and do most of the minor repairs, but it will likely be much longer before the major damages to the homes and businesses and buildings are completely repaired.

Mississippi Power officials say most of the 1,700 homes that were without power Thursday have been restored. And Mayor Beatty says the curfew that was established last night will be in effect Friday night at 11.