Crane Mishap Injures Worker

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28-year-old Timmy Morrow was injured in a Wednesday accident on the job. It happened around 5:00 p.m. at the Custom Car Shop in the Whynot community of Lauderdale County. The company refurbishes old train box cars.

"One of the jack stands gave way and tilted the crane," says Clarence Butler, director of Lauderdale County Emergency Management. "They were working and the box car turned over and the weight of it picked the crane up and stood on its end."

Morrow was pinned between the crane and box car for about three hours.

"We had to make sure we stabilized it before rescue could try to get in to him," Butler said. "It appeared to be very painful, but he was still conscious throughout the whole ordeal and still conscious when he left the scene."

According to Butler, Morrow suffered severe internal injuries. He was listed in serious condition Thursday at University Medical Center in Jackson.

While the basic operations of the company resumed Thursday, Newscenter 11 was told that the head of the company was in Jackson throughout the day with Morrow.