School Starts With New Dress Code

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Parents have been scrambling to get the last minute items to complete their children's wardrobe for school.

Meridian Public Schools has joined with 11 million other school systems across the U.S. in requiring school uniforms. Teachers will also wear the same styles and colors as the students.

"We ask for khaki bottoms or navy bottoms. Girls can wear navy skirts, skorts, shorts, whatever, and the boys wear a royal top or white top," said deputy superintendent Robert Markham.

The School Board hopes the new dress code policy will create a better learning environment for the students.

"I won't have to notice what you are wearing and you won't notice what I am wearing, because we are wearing the same thing. If we take the focus off what we are wearing and put it on academics then naturally grades, levels and academics will go up," Markham said.

While school officials think requiring a school uniform helps students focus only on their education, some parents and students disagree.

"Girls will have jewelry, hair accessories. You'll still have $200-$300 shoes versus a $10 pair," said parent Tonya Vaughn. "I just don't think it's going to make everyone look the same. If you're just changing the pants and shirt, you aren't accomplishing anything."

"It's not what you look like. It's how you act at school. We will still act the same way. Why change what we wear?" said student Jason Bateman.

Violation of the dress code will receive the same punishment as insubordination.