Supervisors Discuss E911 Budget

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The meeting between Lauderdale County supervisors and the E911 Commission started with director John Mott going over the budget item by item, including a controversial proposal regarding dropping the charge for rent and utilities.

"The commission instructed me to come here today and request that the rent be removed, which was $32,955," said Mott.

Craig Hitt is chairman of the Commission as well as a member of the Board of Supervisors. He made his feelings plain.

"But I do think that the 911 office space should be paying rent just like other entities in Lauderdale County are paying rent on county buildings," Hitt said.

County administrator Tony Green said just because the county owns the building doesn't mean it is operating cost-free. There are monthly expenses.

"Those accumulate to almost $4,000 a month that we're spending, that the county is actually paying, so we're trying to use part of this rental income from E911 to defray those county expenses and I think that needs to be brought up," said Green.

No one spoke up in opposition and the decision was made. Rent and utilities stayed in.

The budget shortfall goes back up to $243,000. The interlocal agreement between the two entities calls for the county and city to each pay half.