Lott Book Blasts Frist, Bush

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Mississippi Sen. Trent Lott has a new book out, titled “Herding Cats, A Life in Politics."

In it, Lott blames his 2002 fall from power on a "personal betrayal" by Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee, who became majority leader after Lott was forced to resign. A Frist spokeswoman says the senator hasn't read the book, but appreciates Lott's advice.

Lott was driven from power in the wake of remarks taken as celebrating Sen. Strom Thurmond's segregationist past. He said President Bush struck at him with the tone he used when remarking on Lott's eventual apology. He said Bush's tone was "devastating, booming, and nasty."

And Lott says he had a "backstairs arrangement" with President Clinton that produced major health and welfare legislation.