Burton on the Record

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During a taping of WTOK's public affairs program, on the Record, Sen. Terry C. Burton, whose district covers Scott, Newton and part of Lauderdale County, said he favors Gov. Ronnie Musgrove's "Summer Start" plan which would provide an extended, full-day kindergarten
to pre-school children.

"We've got to prepare kids for first grade and there's no question that getting them in earlier and getting them prepared does make a difference to those first grade teachers and all the way up through the elementary levels," said Burton.

The Governor said, "We must understand the economic realities of the day and be realistic about our responsibilities," in addressing lawmakers Thursday.

Burton said that statement was Musgrove playing politics.

"Well, I don't understand how he can in one breath say we must understand the troubled economic times of the day and then turn around and say the way is to borrow our way out of it," said Burton. "The way to fix it makes absolutely no sense and I agree it's all about politics here and you say the things that ring true with people and use the buzz words that push the buttons on people to make them think that you're for great things."

Sen. Burton also differed with the governor's plan to issue $20 million dollars in bonds in order to set up a new agency that would train people in rural areas for new jobs.

"Who better to do rural development job training than the community colleges who are located basically in rural areas? I think it would be a great idea but we've already got the infrastructure in place. Why go out and reinvent it?" said the District 31 senator.

The On The Record edition with Sen. Burton will air Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on WTOK, Channel 11.