Price Gouging Charge Filed

A Sumter County man has been indicted for allegedly taking advantage of drivers after Hurricane Katrina.

Jason McBride, who operates the BP station just off the interstate in Livingston, was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly dramatically raising gas prices there.

This happened in September after Hurricane Katrina interrupted the gas supply.

"We got a lot of calls that people didn't know. Gas jumping up like anywhere from 60, 70, 80 cents a gallon more than some stations," said Sheriff Johnny Hatter of Sumter County. "And the public didn't know what station to go to for gas, because some gas was maybe 70, 80 cents more than the rest of them, and people just real concerned about it and filed a lot of complaints."

The indictment states McBride raised the price to $3.69 a gallon, over one dollar more than his competitors. He was released earlier this month after posting a $1,000 bond. McBride's arraignment is set for Oct. 19.