Mold Poses Health Risks

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There may be a deadly threat hidden inside your house. That danger is mold.

It can develop within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure, according to Raymond Willis, project manager for Carnell and Associates, an engineering and building inspection firm.

Once the mold sets in, Willis says the spores can move and grow throughout a house.

Mold grows in any warm, moist area. However, due to the recent massive floods because of Hurricane Katrina, the damaged areas are most certainly infested.

Both the Mississippi Department of Health and FEMA put out pamphlets telling what you should know about mold and how you can get rid of it, but Willis says the information in the pamphlets isn't enough.

He says the EPA normally will condemn a house that has tested positive to mold.

Any mold-infested homes, but especially ones highly contaminated like the ones on the coast, can be extremely dangerous.