Child Touches Hearts Around the World

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A room at St. Louis Children's Hospital has been redecorated. Rob Bushway of Colorado Springs, Co., is here with his nine year old daughter Maggie, who's been through a lot.

"She's been through chemo, four or five brain surgeries, radiation surgery," said Bushway.

As a consequence of a brain tumor, Maggie, suffers from seizures. She and her family moved from Meridian, Miss., when she was a toddler.

So to make Maggie feel more at home, Rob e-mailed his family, friends and co-workers and asked them to send their get well wishes through the Children's Hospital Web site.

But then something amazing happened. Maggie started getting get well wishes from people the Bushways didn't know: Poland, Korea, Turkey, Korea, France, England.

Rob's not quite sure how that happened, but he started taping them to the wall in Maggie's room.

Every night before she goes to sleep, Rob and his wife, Kathi, read some of the letters to Maggie, and Maggie says it helps her feel better.

"Because I know that a lot of people are praying for me," said Maggie.

Even Maggie's doctor says it helped.

"I'm really impressed by her resiliency and her family support," said Dr. Kevin Ess. "She's going to do very well and even go home in the next few days."

The road to recovery is still a long one but when things get tough, her dad reminds her to close her eyes and picture all those letters.

"I have no doubt that she'll grow up knowing that she's very, very loved," said Rob.

If you'd like send a get well wish to Maggie Bushway, just go to the and click on "gifts and greetings."